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Kelli Jo

Hi again!
So - the following is the OFFICIAL author biography - a little formal, but gets the info across - I think...

Florida born and bred, Kelli Jo lives outside of Daytona Beach with her husband, Jeff, and her son, Jeff Junior. Their home, a 1916 two story bungalow on the Halifax River, is inspiration for her first novel, The House of Roses, a great beach read and good old fashioned love story.

With Florida as a tropical back drop, the heroine of The House of Roses is Josie, a forty year old, divorced, professional woman who becomes enchanted with a hundred year old house. This fascination inspires her to make a life altering decision to leave the unsatisfying corporate world behind her and open up a bed and breakfast. With the support of her two best friends, Josie finds fulfillment in the new life she has created for herself; and begins to recognize the benefit of female camaraderie in fleshing out one's life. As an added bonus, Josie falls in love with the charming hero, JT; a Jimmy Buffet styled character with Tom Selleck's good looks. Their path to happily ever after is filled with the communication obstacles and misunderstandings that commonly affect relationships and can undermine even the most passionate of love affairs. Their salvation is found through Rose's Treasure, a mystery that harkens back to 1906 when The House of Roses was built.

Having also found her own House of Roses, as well as true love with a real life Prince Charming quite late in life, Kelli Jo's first novel is hope to all forty somethings that life is not at an end when hot flashes begin. Instead, it is the time when women finally become comfortable enough with themselves that they can begin to pursue their own dreams instead of pursuing those that have been thrust upon them.

As an advertising executive for nearly 20 years, Kelli Jo's writing was more focused on corporate reports rather than the more creative projects she hoped for in college as an eager Marketing major. Spending her post college years climbing the corporate ladder, her desire to write creatively was pushed to the side as she concentrated on her career. After her husband was diagnosed with cancer and was recuperating from debilitating treatments, she started The House of Roses realizing life does not wait. Putting one's dreams on hold may only result in them never being fulfilled. Now, her husband healthy and robust, Kelli Jo has re-focused her goals and is pursuing her passion for writing with a variety of projects, including her second novel. A member of Romance Writers of America and the Florida Writers Association, she continues to learn more about the craft that has become her obsession and now consumes her time.

There you have it folks - the condensed - for public consumption - version of my life. Check out the rest of this site for perhaps a bit more interesting stuff...
Kelli Jo