Does hair make a difference in who we are or who we believe ourselves to be? I think so….but…my 17 year-old child has shown me that I could be wrong.

My appointments with my hairdresser – of almost 20 years – are sacred events. NOTHING is allowed to interfere. They are a huge priority – – – to me anyway. When I get back from my appointments my husband always teases me by saying my hair looks exactly as it did before I left. I feel like that’s a compliment. After all – who wants to look like they just had a hair cut? And – my color should look perfectly natural – not like it cost me the hundred dollar bill that I painstakingly save for each visit. My rationalization for this extravagance is that I need to look professional and contemporary. My real reason is that I believe that my hair style makes me look younger – better – healthier – more Florida-ish…etc., etc.,etc. I don’t want to cut it shorter or let my color return to the mousey brownish gray that I have aged into. I like how my hair makes me feel.

My son has had long hair since his freshman year of high school. It originated when he started playing guitar in a band. He kept it as the years went on because it gave him a distinctive identity. His nickname was Cave Man. He was the only one on the football team with long hair and I think the long hair made him look fierce. This past week he cut his hair – making good on a heat of the moment promise to his team. He showed no fear beforehand. He simply said that he was “down with it”. (I believe – in today’s vernacular – that this meant that it was a point of honor and he was sticking to his word.) As a mother I was absolutley petrified. This was his HAIR.  His beloved hair. And – it is his Senior year. Should the hair cut look less than wonderful he could be scarred for life – or so I feared. But – I was also very proud of him. No complaining. No whining. No asking Mom and Dad to get him out of his fix. He simply turned it into an event with his buddies on the team and cut it all off.

The outcome??? His hair looks great. He doesn’t seem to miss it at all. He is still the same great – confident – honorable son that he has always been. Only now…he’s one step closer to being a man. And I’m one step closer to being less manic about my own hair…maybe:)

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